Homemade DIY Sprays for Your Garden

      I may be a novice gardener, but I have looked at those store bought bottles of insecticide and don't know what most of those chemicals are or how they may hurt me and those I share my vegetables with, but they can't be good for me.
      I have been using essential oils in my Beard Oils and Soaps that I make.   So I did a bit of onine research, and sure enough, many of them are usful in the garden too!
     I have used store-bought chemicals long enough, and maybe you have too.  Time for me to go as natural and organic as I can.
     Bug sprays bought at the store can be expensive, especially if you return to buy several bottles to deal with a stubborn bug problem. So here are a few recipes I have come up with and use in my garden.  So far I like the results much better than the store bought sprays.  While the essential oils may seem pricey at first, they go a ong way and make many batches. So save some money and be a bit safer by making and using these Homemade Bug Spray Recipes for Your Garden!
Recipe #1 - Beetle Juice!
   I use this on Japanese Beetles, Cabbage Worms, Squash Vine Borers. 

Put in a one gallon jug:
4 Tbls  Neem Oil, 
4 Tbls Liquid Dish Soap
4 Tbls   Garlic Juice,
1 Tbls Tabasco

Fill about half full with water, cap it, and shake well.  It will suds up some, let it set until suds go down, then fill the rest of the way full.

Last year our Apple tree attracted thousands of Japanese Beetles. They soon moved to the garden too, mainly the beans.  I had to resort to buying a store bought spray.  I hated that, so this year I researched online and found many Essential Oil and organic ingrediants that were said to work.  I narrowed it down to these four ingredients and this ratio.  It has worked for me so far.  From what I have read, the Neem Oil is like a mental block, the bugs forget to do the things they do, like eating and mating.  Plus the fact it is an oil works against them too.  The Garlic Juice and Tabasco work as deterents.  They don't like the taste, so they stop eating your plants and go elsewhere.  The Liquid Soap helps the mixture to stick to the leaves, and also helps the ingredients mix.

When I sprayed the Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Broccoli for the cabbage worms, I pulled off all of the worms and eggs I could see, then sprayed the leaves underside as completely as I could.  I repeated this two more times over the next two weeks, but only found one or two worms the last two times. I think it worked very well.  
The Apple Tree is about 15 feet tall, so I couldn't spray the leaves like I did the Cabbage.  I just sprayed the bugs I could see and drenched them pretty well, so the spray dripped onto the leaves below.  I have had a few Beetles return, but I can tell it is working.  I do not forsee them being a problem this year thanks to this spray.
The Squash Vine Borers snuck in on me.  They don't seem real bad, but I was hoping they wouldn't show up at all.  So I sprayed the vines and the holes I saw pretty well, letting some spray drip into the ground around the base of the vines.  I will be persistant in this fight!